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The glycemic index, glycaemic index, or GI is defined as a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. Since Foods have a high GI caused carbohydrates that break down quickly during digestion and released glucose rapidly into the bloodstream. On the other hand, foods with a low GI have significant health benefits, because theirs carbohydrates break down more slowly, release glucose more gradually into the bloodstream. The concept was developed by Dr. David J. Jenkins and colleagues[1] in 1980–1981 at the University of Toronto in their research to find out which foods were best for people with diabetes.
The web page provides you with all the information how low GI diet can help to lose weight with Pro and Con opinions from health expert, please read the information before purchasing and consult with your doctor before applying. We will appreciate that you can show your support, by buying from our recommended program.
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Low Glycemic Index Diet - How to Eat Less Yet Feel Fuller With Low Glycemic Foods
By Katie A. Jones and Joel Chue

Also known as the G.I. diet, the low glycemic index diet was formulated by Professor Dr David Jenkins at the University of Toronto. It is actually an index that is used to measure the rate which carbohydrates are broken down in the body as glucose which is the body main source of energy. The index begins at 100 and foods are rated against this number. Foods that are easily broken down and absorbed by the body are given a high G.I. while foods that do not digest as fast are given a lower G.I rating. Foods with a rating lower than 55 are considered low G.I. food. To adopt a low glycemic index diet, follow the following guidelines below.
Step One (Taking Out Foods Which Are High In G.I. From Your Diet)
Foods like Baguette (GI 95), Cornflakes (GI 84) and Rice Cakes (GI 82) have high starch content which easily converts to glucose once they are digested into the body. As such, a general rule of the thumb is to avoid those foods that are rich in starch. Table sugar although is a type of sugar has only a G.I. of 55 and hence can be considered as a low G.I. food although excessive intake of it is not recommended.
Step Two (Incorporating Low G.I. Food Into Your Diet)
The following types of foods like Grapefruit Juice (GI 48), All Bran (GI 43), Oatmeal (GI 42) and Spaghetti (GI 41) all have low GI rating. Basically vegetables have low GI and are good for promoting weight loss apart from helping to prevent coronary diseases and controlling Type 2 diabetes. Other foods that have low GI are legumes, whole grains, Spinach, Artichoke, Broccoli, Peanuts, Cherries, Grapes and Brown rice. Take note that this list is not a complete list. For a more comprehensive list of low GI foods, you can refer to the database at the Glycemic foundation website at the URL: http://www.glycemicindex.com/.
Step Three
Eating less and feeling fuller is the objective behind the low glycemic index diet for a dieter. It's quality versus quantity. And this is achieved by swapping foods that are high in carbohydrates for foods that are high in proteins and healthy fats.
The above is just a basic approach towards a low glycemic index diet that will help dieters lose weight without following a specific low glycemic index diet.
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Recommended Reading
The Low Glycemic Index Diet
The Easy Healthy Way To Achieve
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